Creating your CreoWebs account – Step one

Time to get started! In this first step, we need you to enter the login details you will use to access the editor and the domain name to be typed into the browser to visit your site.

Enter the username and password you will use to manage your webpage. We recommend you use a secure password, with a combination of letters, numbers and a symbol.

Enter an email address to allow us to advise you when we have finished creating your account and website.

Choose a name for your webpage. Shorter names will be easier for visitors to remember. The address of your page will be the word followed by (e.g.

If you already have a dinahosting account…

¿Ya usas alguno de los servicios de dinahosting? Entonces puedes hacer login en CreoWebs directamente con el mismo nombre de usuario y contraseña que utilizas para entrar en el Panel de Control.

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